Wordpress Management Package

$30/month or $290/year (save $70!)

It is very important to keep your WordPress site up to date.  WordPress itself, as well as the theme and plugins you are using are constantly updating their code to protect against security vulnerabilities.  By keeping these things up to date in a timely fashion, your site is better protected against malicious hackers.

We will:

  • Check for updates and complete any needed updates at least twice a month. If an urgent security update is announced, we will do those as soon as possible.
  • Add your site to our Google Search Console for additional monitoring.
  • Add a security plugin to your site that will scan your site for malicious activity and send notifications to my email if there are any problems. We can also do manual scans if needed.  Premium subscriptions of this plugin are an additional $99 US/yr if you’d like an added layer of protection. (sold by the plugin itself)
  • Add a backup plugin to your site and monitor it to make sure backups are being completed at least once a month with several backups stored remotely. In the event of a site crash, we won’t have to start again from scratch.

Keeping your site up-to-date and having a security plugin installed will help minimize the chances of your site being hacked.  However, hacks do happen, and in the event that it does, we will do everything we can to take care of your site to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.  We can’t guarantee that there won’t be some loss of data (ie, if we need to do a site reset from an older backup), but we will do our best to clean your site without losing your latest posts if at all possible.