Our Hosting

Monthly Rate:



Annual Rate: 

$198 /yr
Save $42!!!

SSL Certificate: $70/yr

NOTE: There are no refunds on account prepayments.

Your hosting account comes with a graphical cPanel Interface and includes the following options:

  • Disk Space: 1.46 GB
  • Bandwidth: 9.77 GB
  • Email Accounts: 10
  • Aliases: 10
  • Subdomains: 10
  • Mailing Lists: 2
  • FTP accounts: 2
  • MySQL Databases: 4
  • Unlimited:
    • Autoresponders
    • Forwarders
    • Email Filters

Why Choose us when there are so many cheap or free hosting options out there?

Many companies offer what appears to be cheap or free hosting.  These companies usually have thousands of websites on one server.  Because of this, the server is at a much higher security risk and performance is often limited to shared bandwidth.  With a hosting package like this you will also be on a shared IP, so if someone on your server breaks any AUP rules such as sending spam or illegal copywriter material, then you risk having your site banned by some of the larger networks.

We offer you personal and custom hosting services.  Give us a call today!