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Explanation of Search Engine Optimization Options:

Initial Ranking Report
Meta Tag Creation
Submission to the Major Search Engines
Monthly Search Engine Reports
Resubmission Every 3 Months
Submission to Targeted and Local Directories
Reciprocal Links Campaign
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign
Yahoo! Directory
Overture Paid Inclusion
Google Adwords
Optimization of Website Pages
Keyword Analysis
Website Review
Creation of Site Map

Initial Ranking Report:  A report to show you how your site is ranking for relevant keyword phrases right now in the major search engines.  This will give you an idea where to focus your attention.

Meta Tag Creation:  Meta tags are tags which are visible to search engines but not visible to visitors looking at your site.  We will create optimized meta tags for each page including title, description, and keyword meta tags.

Submission to the Major Search Engines:  We will submit your site to the major search engines (the ones that don't charge a fee for submitting), including Google, Yahoo Search, Altavista, MSN, and more.  We do not submit to 1000s of search engines to combat the amount of spam coming to your inbox.  Our research and experience has shown that most of the traffic comes from these major search engines.

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Monthly Search Engine Reports:  Included in most of our plans, this report is in the same format as our initial ranking report, delivered monthly to your email inbox, to show you how well your keyword phrases are ranking, if the ranking has gone up or down, and if any optimization is necessary.

Resubmission Every 3 Months:  We will resubmit the pages of your site to the major search engines every three months to keep your site noticed, and to get the search engines to recrawl any changed pages and crawl new pages.

Submission to Targeted and Local Directories:  Submitting your site to directories that relate specifically to your type of business, and to directories that exist for the location of your business (city, province, country) to get you more targeted links.

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Reciprocal Links Campaign:  We will search out sites that are related to your type of business and ranking well on the search engines and request an exchange of links.  You can put their URL on your links page and they will hopefully reciprocate.

Pay Per Click Campaign:  Some search engines do not accept free submissions.  In order to get a preferred presence on these (and their partners) sites you need to set up a pay-per-click account.  Pay-per-click search engines let you bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to your site, and you pay your bid amount each time someone enters your site by clicking on the link provided in the results after searching for that keyword phrase.  Pay-per-click search engines are great for new sites that need an immediate presence (free submissions can take months to get listed), and for sites that are not properly optimized for the keyword phrases you're bidding on.  The highest bidder gets the best position.  The most popular pay-per-click search engines are Overture Precision Match and Google Adwords.  For smaller budgets we suggest

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Yahoo! Directory:  The Yahoo directory is not the same as Yahoo! Search.  It costs $299 US ($600 for adult sites) to request a listing in the Yahoo! directory.  This does not guarantee that it will be listed.  Your site will be reviewed within 7 days, and if accepted will require a $299US ($600 for adult sites) per year fee to maintain the listing.

Overture Paid Inclusion: You can speed up review of your submissions by paying a fee.  Overture charges an annual fee of $49US to submit your URL (less for subsequent URLS) plus a cost-per-click fee of $0.15 to .30 each time someone clicks on your link.  Once accepted, your pages are added to a database of sites that powers search results for major web portals such as Yahoo!, Alta Vista, AlltheWeb and others.  Search results are presented based on their relevance to the search terms, so optimization is still very important.  The advantages of paid inclusion is that it is faster, and that your pages are re-crawled every 48 hours to ensure that the most up-to-date content is available.

Google AdwordsGoogle adwords are like pay-per-click search engines in that you can bid on your keyword phrases to determine which position you get.  However, they are listed on the right hand side of search results on the Google engine, plus throughout partner sites such as etc., and private sites of relevance that have been accepted into the Google AdSense program (relevance is determined by the content on the page where ads appear).  You design your own ads to display, and can also design banner ads to appear in some of their partner sites.

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Optimization of Website Pages:  In order to gain a higher ranking on search results for certain keyword phrases, it may be necessary to optimize pages of your site for those phrases.  We are constantly researching what search engines look for and keep up to date on their algorithms in order to provide you with the best possible search results after optimizing your site.

Keyword Analysis:  Keyword analysis is an important step in optimizing your site, as well as when choosing affordable keywords for a pay-per-click campaign.  We do an extensive search of keywords relevant to your site and determine which phrases would be best to use in your optimization or PPC campaign.  For example, a keyword phrase that is very popular and searched for often will probably also have a lot of competition when it comes to optimizing your site.  It would take a lot more time and energy to get your site to the top for that keyword, and if doing a PPC campaign, your bid would have to be very high as well in order to gain a top position.  When we search for keyword phrases, we search out niches where there are still a lot of searches, but not as much competition, to give you the best return for your money.

Website Review:  We will do a review of your website to look for any potential trouble spots, ease of navigation, and anything that search engines may not like.

Creation of Site Map:  A site map makes it easy for search engines to crawl your site.  Some search engines will only crawl a few links past your index page, so if you have many pages imbedded deep within your site it is always a good idea to have a site map accessible from the index page which links to every page on your site.  It is also nice for visitors to be able to find any page on your site easily and get a better feel for your site.

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