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Web Site Design, Domain Name Registration and Domain Hosting

Digital Photography

Summary of Costs Involved


Web Site Design:

There are several steps in getting a website onto the web:

  1. Consultation:

    The consultation part of this is free.  We are happy to talk to you about your website needs at no obligation.  We will need to discuss what you want in your website, what style you prefer, and what graphics and photographs are needed.  Please see our Planning your website page for more information and to get the most out of our consultation.

  2. Design:

    The cost of designing is at a rate of $55.00/HR.

    -During the design process we keep the major search engines in mind, knowing that in the end you want to get a good ranking so that people can find you when they search for companies like yours.  Keeping your important keyword phrases in mind from early on will save you money when it comes time to optimize your site.  In some cases, only minimal optimization is needed when it is taken into consideration right from the start.

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  3. Domain Name Registration:

    -WebStar Designs is a reseller of all the common domain names:

    .ca - .com - .net - .org -
    .info - .biz - .mobi
    .me - .ws - .us - .tv - .jobs - -

    To see if your domain name is available, start searching at my
    Domain Names page!You can search for and register directly from our site and pay with your credit card or paypal using the secure payment method.  (Always check for the little padlock at the bottom of your browser window when making any purchases on the internet to show that you have a secure connection.  In addition, you want to make sure you trust the person at the other end of that connection - a secure connection doesn't help if the person receiving your credit card information isn't honest!) 
    If you're not comfortable using your credit card online, we'd be happy to do the registration for you.

    **TIP: We highly recommend that domain name registrations are done in your name and with your email address in the administration section so that you have ownership and thereby control over your domain.  We have had many clients who have lost or have had a lot of trouble getting changes made to their domain name records when someone else had control.  The last thing you want to hear is that the company who has your domain name registration is out of town or out of business, and your domain name is expired - meaning that your business is now offline, your search engine rankings are in danger of being lost, and all your advertising campaigns lead to a non-existent URL.  Worse yet, another company could snap up your domain name and use your hard-earned rankings to redirect to their site instead.

    **Always make sure that your email address is kept up to date on your administration records for your domain name (You will receive expiry notices by email).

    **Always keep your username and password in a safe place.

    WebStar Designs makes it easy for you to transfer your domain name from another registrar if you wish, and will add the time remaining with your old registrar (if it's less than a year) to your registration so that you don't lose any time.

    **TIPS for transferring your domain: 1.  Make sure you start the transfer process well before the expiry date or your current registrar may lock your account. 2.  Make sure your administration email address is up to date - you will receive an email asking you to confirm the transfer.

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  5. Hosting:

    This is the actual space on the internet to which you can upload your website.  (If the domain name is the "street address", then the hosting package is the "lot" where you place your "house" (the website)

    -We offer an affordable, reliable web hosting package for $16.50/month (paid yearly) or $20/month if paid monthly.  This package includes 100MB of space, unlimited email addresses (both POP3 and webmail), virus scanning on all incoming email, spam filters, web site statistics, and an easy to use cPanel Control Panel to manage your account.  Please see our
    Hosting page for more information.

  6. Website Maintenance:

    -Often after your page is up and running it will be necessary to make updates, changes, or additions to your page.  It is also a good idea to periodically check outside links to ensure that those addresses have not changed. 
    More on website maintenance

    -We charge $55.00/HR for such updates.

    **There is no minimum charge for changes.  If something takes ten minutes to do, we only charge for 10 minutes.  This can be a real money saver when you have simple changes to be made fairly frequently (such as the seasonal class program changes for one of my clients, which often take no more than half an hour to do).  You would not want to be charged a costly minimum charge every time you need to make a simple change.  Simply email us and we'll do the changes as soon as possible.

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Digital Photography:

  1. Photos for your web site
       -place of business
       -staff photos

  2. Specialty photography

  3. Stock Photographs from our own collection

  4. Photo Manipulation

Please contact us for a quote

Summary of Costs Involved:

**This is a guide to give you an idea of what the average costs of setting up and maintaining a new site are.  Individual sites may vary.

  1. Register your domain name ( or .ca etc.)
    Prices vary depending on the domain ending and number of years that you're paying for:  .com's and .ca's are $12.99
    (+ $0.24 ICANN Fee) US per year (less when registering for more years at a time).
    More info at our
    domain name registration page...

  2. Host your site
    $198 per year (paid yearly), or $20 per month.  No setup fee.
    More info at our
    hosting page...

  3. Web Design
    @ $55/HR - an average website costs about $800 -$1000.

  4. Regular or periodic website maintenance
    @ $55/HR  (no minimum charge)

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